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Create a Logo Tutorial

Create a Logo Tutorial

Ever wanted to have your own super cool yet simple logo? Well now you can and following this tutorial will make it super easy! To begin, really start to get a feel for what you want your logo to look like and represent. Try looking up logos that go along with what you envision for inspiration.

In this tutorial, you will see the logo I created for my group’s ds106 radio show. Our radio show was called Sweet n’ Sour so I began by looking at “sweet” fonts as well as “sour” fonts. I suggest taking the same approach. Once you find the perfect fonts, you can download them to Canva, following their tutorial.

Once in Canva, choose any of their layouts you would like, and make the background as you want it. For my logo, I chose the Twitter Post layout and created a plain white background to put my font on. Then, type out what you want your logo to say, applying the fonts you downloaded and adjusting them accordingly. Below, you can see how I used my fonts and made them size 157. Once you have the basics of your logo completed, download it in jpeg format to your desktop.

Now that you have your words, you need an icon that really captures what your logo is all about. Due to the nature of my logo, I decided to add a microphone to the logo as numerous legit radio shows use microphones in their logos. You can find stock free images online using numerous websites such as Unsplash. Once you find your image, save it to your desktop.

Now, using a photoshop app on your computer, you will combine the two together. I have an Apple computer, so I use Photo Editor PixelStyle for all of my photo editing assignments. In the application, you will first place your words that you downloaded from Canva. Then, once your font is in place, you add your icon. This can be a little tricky as you may need to adjust the icon a bit so that it fits in with your words. For example, the microphone I used had a really long cord that I had to erase bits of as it went through my words and looked weird. However, it is pretty simple and does not take too long. Plus, you can always press undo if needed. You also will need to figure out where to place the icon. Typically, I feel like icons are placed either behind or next to the words in a logo. In mine, the microphone is next to the words, with the cord wrapping around the bottom of the words, which I feel is fitting.

Once you have played around with the logo and have it looking the way you want it, you are pretty much complete! Just do not forget to save it to your computer as a jpeg or something similar!

This may seem overbearing and like a lot of work, but I think at most it took me 15-20 minutes and that is only because I had a really hard time placing the microphone, as well as getting the “S” in sweet to be as I pictured it.

I wish you luck in creating your logo!

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