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Dear Future Morph Shadow…

Dear Future Morph Shadow…

For my last assignment bank assignment this week, I decided to do the Your Hopes, Dreams, and Fears assignment. However, to relate it back to our class topic, I decided to do it on the superhero figure I created Morph Shadow as opposed to myself.

Dear 31-year-old Morph Shadow aka Melinda,

Here are your hopes:

  • I hope you are thriving in the law enforcement career track. You go, girl!
  • I hope you are happy with where you are in life
  • I hope that you are able to find someone you love and that loves you for you, as well as Morph Shadow because she deserves love too.

Here are your dreams:

  • You wanted to be able to share with the world that you are a superhero and use your powers for good. Did you achieve this dream? I really hope so.
  • You dreamed of meeting other superheroes. You can’t be the only one in the world, right?
  • You dreamed to find Sophia and reconnect with her. After all, you were best friends for years before losing contact in the foster care system.
  • You dreamed of travelling, as you had never left the East Coast.
  • You dreamed to have children and give them the life you never had after your parents passed. I think this dream was most important to you.

Here are your fears:

  • You fear of being called crazy and mental for revealing your superpowers.
  • You fear of never finding love because of your unbelievable alter ego.
  • You fear that you will have children and not be able to raise them the way you dreamed.
  • You fear of never being accepted by anyone.
  • You fear of never getting out and seeing the world.

Good luck future Melinda. I cannot wait to see how far you have come.

Best wishes,

21-year-old Melinda

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