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Adventures of the Sapient Shadows

Adventures of the Sapient Shadows

A long time ago in Fredericksville far, far away, the Sapient Shadows were created. Who are these mysterious heroes? How did they get their superpowers? Will they save the students of the University of Mary Washington? Read on to find out.

You’ve met Morph Shadow, but have you met Neptune Shadow?

She’s athletic, brave, eager and perhaps a little too grouchy. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with her position. Poppy Hogarth was into a wealthy family in an important town in Massachusetts. She lived in peace until she was about 12 years old, but at that point, life began to change. She studied a lot and was very successful. With amazing, new friends, she is venturing out in a wacky world. But with her curiosity and capability, there’s nothing to stop her from reaching full potential. She could quickly become an unstoppable force. But there may be more to it than this; she is currently enjoying the simpler life. She feels like there’s more to discover in this world. Luckily she has an awesome friend, Melinda to support her.

How did Poppy and Melinda meet, you ask?

In August of 2014, Melinda and Poppy were both traveling to the University of Mary Washington, where they would begin their undergraduate years. The two were roommates who had yet to meet, but they instantly became best friends. Little did they know they both had secrets of their own.

 Poppy gets her powers from the moons of Neptune, though far from Earth, while Melinda gets hers from the more local shadows of the Earth. Poppy is able to channel and summon the natural forces of any planet or moon, manipulating and controlling shadows, and using them to hide or even as a mode of transportation. She felt like an outcast, until one day, she discovered Melinda’s secret powers by accident. Because Melinda could read minds, she could tell something was up with Poppy one day when she was unusually quiet. While she did not like to use her powers to pry into others’ lives, she channeled in on Poppy’s thoughts. Poppy was trying to formulate a plan in her head telling Melinda that she knew about her powers. But she also wanted to tell Melinda about her own powers, hoping Melinda wouldn’t pretend she did not know what she was talking about, making Poppy look stupid and crazy for thinking Melinda had powers.

After some hesitation, Melinda said “Poppy. I know there is something you would like to tell me.” Poppy replied saying; “I don’t know what you are talking about.” Melinda continued on saying; “I know you figured out that I have superpowers. And I know that because I can read minds, so I know you have them too.” Poppy was surprised, not only by the fact that it was true that they both had superpowers and it was finally in the open, but also that Melinda had been reading her mind. Melinda asked Poppy about her secret identity and the two spent the night talking about their experiences with their powers and their speculations on where they came from.

After countless hours,  they decided to pair together and become the Sapient Shadows meaning wise shadows, as they both got their powers/superhero identities from the shadows of the moon and Earth. Though they remained anonymous, the two used their powers for good, to help the citizens of Fredericksville from the evil plans of Janice.

The audio action story of Morph Shadow and Neptune Shadow.

Uh oh! Looks like Janice has some evil plans in store for the students at UMW. To find out what they are, listen to the audio action story below!

Adventures of the Sapient Shadows, coming to a theatre near you in Spring 2018!

In the mean time…

Enjoy their movie score below!


Last but not least….

The Sapient Shadows will be in Fredericksville this weekend! To find out more on how to meet them, listen to the commercial below!

While the Sapient Shadows are preparing for graduation, they will be taking some time off from being heroes. They have had a great adventure with ds106, but for now, this is their final posting. They look forward to saving Fredericksville again in the near future!

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