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Final Weekly Summary

Final Weekly Summary

As I sit down to write this final weekly summary, I can’t help but to look back on this semester and think of how quickly it flew by. I feel like just yesterday I was looking at the course syllabus, overwhelmed by the expectations of this class that I quickly learned was not as bad as they seemed. The last three weeks, I have been busy working away on my final project, Adventures of the Sapient Shadows. In sum, my project is about my superhero, Morph Shadow, and her sidekick Neptune Shadow and their adventures together in Fredericksville. Here is how it all came together:

I began my project by coming up with the idea to give Morph Shadow a best friend and sidekick. Once I had the topic established, I thought about all of the different assignments we have completed throughout the semester and decided what platforms I wanted to use in my project. I ended up using visual, audio, writing and design elements to compile everything together. Then, once I decided on those, I decided on what I could do to fulfill each of these elements. Here is what I came up with:

To begin, I created a visual representation of Neptune Shadow. To do this, I used DCkids as I had with Morph Shadow so they looked fairly similar. I did not really know what I wanted her to look like, so I went through the creator’s endless options until I found what I really liked, and she actually ended up having some of the same pieces of clothing as Morph Shadow. Since they go together, I thought this was perfect. Neptune Shadow can be seen below.

Next, I created a backstory on Neptune Shadow. When I randomly generated her name using a name generator, it came with a very basic story on where she got her powers from. From here, I wrote out a short story on her background, just as I had with Morph Shadow and her character dossier. Neptune Shadow’s backstory is featured in my final project, linked at the bottom of this summary.

After getting the basics done on Neptune Shadow, I figured it would probably be a good idea to explain how they met. So, I again created my own short story on how the two met and found out they had superpowers in common. To supplement my story, I created a comic strip on Pixton. While I was originally going to embed the strip into the post, I decided to separate each panel and place them at the end of each paragraph of the story they represented.

Then, I decided that the two of them needed an action story. I had already done enough writing, so I decided to create an audio story that highlighted one of their adventures against the evil villain Janice. To create this story, I used a voice recorder and recorded myself telling the story. Then, using freesound, I found sounds to supplement the story and put together all of the pieces in Audacity. Once I was happy with the product, I uploaded it to SoundCloud and embedded it in my final project post.

After completing the audio story, I decided to create a movie poster for the upcoming movie; Adventures of the Sapient Shadows featuring Melinda and Poppy themselves! The movie will be released in Spring of 2018, but in the meantime, you can listen to the movie score on SoundCloud. To create the movie poster, I used Canva and one of their templates, replacing the photo with my photo of the Sapient Shadows. To create the movie score, I found a bunch of intense songs on SoundCloud and put them in one playlist together and embedded it into my final project post.

Last but not least, I created a radio commercial that advertises the Sapient Shadows coming to Fredericksville this weekend for a meet and greet. I created the add using a voice recorder, adding effects to it in Audacity, and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

And now, after three weeks of hard work, I present to you, Adventures of the Sapient Shadows!

It has been quite the semester and I am really glad that I decided to enroll in this course. I have learned so much about digital storytelling and I intend to use it to amplify any art I create in the future!

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